Transilvania Rain

Transylvania: what do we know it for? Dracula’s castle is the first answer I could get.
But I realized that this could not be enough.
So I decided to go and explore it, together with my camera.
And I found out a land made of strain and people used to work very hard. I realized once again that a horse is not just a work tool or a means of transport but also a precious resource. I met people that live in an openly difficult situation and that still live their land, their house and their work as if it were the only things that matter.
I crossed gazes and landscapes that can find their very strength in the silence.
In silence, I have been in the field together with the shepherds, waiting for nothing but more rain.
And I realized that Transylvania is anything but Dracula’s castle.
I experienced and documented my discovery of a land that is so close still so far from mine.
And I realized that you can’t take nothing for granted and that sometimes you should just look closely to your neighbors to discover something archaic and inconceivable.